We Make Technology FUN!

Technology is a beautiful thing, it's there to serve us and make our lives easier and Fun. Stay tuned, we will teach you how to have fun with technology!

Some buttons are jobless too!

F6SNY.com (Programming & Design)

We made this wonderful website, where we make it easier for you to exchange jokes and stay up to date when it comes to bringing new jokes to a conversation. You are fun, this is an easy way to be!


We import cool products and geeky gadgets, you can check them out on our twitter account. Make sure to follow us for updates!

Who Are we?

We honestly don't know yet... We think that we're into technology and stuff, but mmmm, WDK... We're like a baby who hardly knows his name yet..


To be the 6 degrees (steps) you require for reaching your technological goals.

Add-ons Programming (Plugins)

We code for frameworks or ready-made systems, read documentations, follow trends and standards to be able to produce the best plugins for those systems.

Examples: Wordpress Plugins, vBulletin Plugins...etc.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

We ease the communication between machines and people, making both understand each-other's needs, but guess what, we also ease the communication between machines (applications) too, applications speaking totally different languages (Ruby,PHP,C#,VB.net,..etc you name it) relying on totally different backgrounds and cultures (windows/linux/android/iOS,MacOS) are joined by us using the common grounds of translation (XML, JSON, Normal Text...etc) to be more productive and to provide more services to us, HUMANS.

Database Migrations

During the past years (8-10) our team members were heavily involved in different types of site and especially database migrations. Partial migrations, custom specialized and letter to letter migrations. During a migration, data refining should be done, enhancements to the current (old) data to give it more meaning or more compatible to future uses, enhancements such as elimination of un-needed parts of the data or the fix of encoding.

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